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Tigris, floor-accessory

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Designer: David Krings »
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Preis: € 1.350,00
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Nowadays, our economy is based on mass production. By creating Items for and selling them to the masses, the market forms a prediction of the customers likes and dislikes. It seems that success is mostly determined by low costs and high sales which often results in the production of items that never make it to the market, so-called overplus.
We gave those "economical orphans" a purpose by using them as raw material in order to create a limited edition of unique hand-crafted objects.
We aim at reversing the current production process from the undesired many to the desired few (?!). Through/By exploring alternative ways of manufacturing carrying out our artistic intention we managed to create organic-like textures in a wide variety. Depending on a limited amount of available materials, we produce seasonal collections ever changing due to the constant flow of overplus.


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