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Departure and return, coming and going, leave images and texts that have been generated in a highly individual way by a range of artists including Fehmi Baumbach, Jim Avignon and the design agency Peperoni. Let yourself be enticed by far-travelled fruit on the central market in Frankfurt or by a journey from universe to microcosm; by scenes and view-points of a walk through Europe which are united in a collage of found objects; by an encounter on the subway that changes everything.

Every contribution is being complemented or contasted by an accustic piece on the included CD. Fifteen songs and sound collages by innovative musicians such as Neoangin, Die Vermoosten Vloeten etc.

A portable “up-and-gone” collection consisting of 15 booklets, one CD and a sheet of special postage stamps.
Format of booklets: 105 x 148 mm
Pages: 8 booklets of 32 pages and 7 booklets of 16 pages
Full colour

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